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The Flu Vaccine is now available. Please call the office to schedule an appointment.
Please allow 24 hours for the completion of all forms.

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Pediatric Care with a timely news update as we get ready for influenza season! ... See MoreSee Less


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why practice medicine with lucrative national tv network anchor jobs awaiting? ; )

Nora said “It’s Dr. Tush and Mamie!” (For those that don’t know, she’s 3)

Slow day at the office??? Love it!!!

Oh I just love you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Seriously the best!

Great job!

Shraddha Somani

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Any questions about the flu shot this year before we make our 2018 flu video? ... See MoreSee Less


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Maybe mention babies that are getting their first flu shot need two doses? We didn’t know that until we got to his first flu shot appointment (new parents haha)!

Is it an absolute must? I have never had the flu shot and have never had the flu...friends and kids who have gotten the flu shot a lot of the time get the flu. I’m wondering if there’s a connection and if it is really necessary for our 2 year old.

Why is flu mist not as effective as the shot?

What time of day will you give them...we need to make an appointment, right?

Explain egg allergies and the flu shot, please 🙂

Are you going to dress up like superheroes again??😍😍😍😍

Is there a flu mist this year?

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We are currently scheduling flu immunizations appointments both during office hours and for after-hours clinics.

Please contact our Compton Road office at 513-931-6357 or the West Chester location at 513-682-5400 to schedule an appointment.
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2 months ago

Pediatric Care, Inc.

Flu immunization is available!

We now have stocks of the seasonal influenza shot available at both of our offices. Call if you would like to schedule a nurse appointment for your child to get the shot (sorry, no adults!) or pay attention to this page for announcements regarding our evening flu immunization clinics.
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